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Whether you’re just getting started in the industry or you’re a digital marketing expert, DigiMarCon will give you the latest strategies and information to increase your own knowledge and grow your business.

Stay Tuned! The Sessions for DigiMarCon 2023 has not been announced.

Take a look at some of the Sessions and Speakers from recent DigiMarCon Conferences.

The Next Era in Web Marketing

Rand Fishkin, Founder, SparkToro

If it feels like the giants of the web — Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, et al — are conspiring against you to make it vastly more difficult to spread your message or amplify your content… You’re right! They are. In this presentation Rand will boil down exactly why that’s happening and what smart marketers can do to build creative advantages and avoid these emerging pitfalls.

The Workday Consumer Has Logged On – Have You?

Tina Aird, Advertising SMB Lead, Microsoft

In an ‘anywhere-work’ world, the boundaries between work and personal have blurred, new habits have been forged and new behaviours and preferences have been spurred on like never before. Many marketers have rushed to adapt their marketing efforts in response to these shifts but new research from Microsoft Advertising and Forrester, shows that many marketers just don’t know how to rethink marketing. Add the festive peak and a rather large football tournament to the mix and Marketers are not sure where to focus their attention. Join Tina as she reveals the new Workday Consumer and show you how to have no limits.

Where’s the ROI? 10 Steps to Show Digital Marketing ROI to Your Boss

Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Every business wants to see growth. But not everyone can show how their marketing delivers the kind of growth that executives demand. You need to learn how to measure and present digital marketing ROI. Join Michael Brenner to learn 10 practical tips for any size Marketing budget. He’ll get right to the heart of what content to create, how to distribute it, and how to measure results you can brag about to your boss.

Paid and Organic, Better Together

Letrecia Tippett, Senior Director, Hootsuite

Marketers are planning to spend more on social ads, and the key to this is finding the perfect balance between organic and paid to make the most out of your social presence. Organic and paid social play two very different (but equally important) roles in successful social strategies. An integrated social media strategy is not only efficient but also the most effective use of marketing spend as it enables you to connect with your audience and reach your business goals on social. Join our panel session with experts from LinkedIn and Hootsuite to learn how effectively combining paid and organic social strategies together.

Power to the People: Unlocking Humanity’s Creative Potential

Anny Havercroft, Head of Business Marketing, TikTok

Two things define the limits of creativity: the tools of the time as well as who and what we are connected to. In this talk, Anny Havercroft, Head of Business Marketing for TikTok Australia and New Zealand will uncover how technology is not only democratising creativity but actually enhancing it by providing the world with the ultimate tool for it: exposure to more human experiences.

Bruce Clay’s 6 SEO Truths to Live By

Bruce Clay, Owner, Bruce Clay, Inc.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component that must be built into digital marketing strategies to drive qualified website traffic. And in the course of business, it becomes necessary for brands, digital marketing teams and SEO professionals to take responsibility for the performance of the websites that they run and manage. Bruce Clay, also known as the “”Father of SEO,”” has pioneered the SEO industry since 1996. He has developed expert insights into fundamental principles that have grounded his success for over 26 years. In this presentation, Bruce will share these principles and explain how applying the truths will help you achieve next-level website performance.

The 10 Customer Behavior Triggers Every Marketer Needs to Know

Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing

You want people to engage with your marketing. But science says that your customers and prospects are often on autopilot. They don’t “make” decisions, they default to automatic, reflexive, hardwired responses.Social scientists have documented 200+ of these decision defaults. And some of them can influence when people click, who they believe, and what they buy.Discover how to use them as triggers – and significantly increase the likelihood people will do exactly what you want. Easily add them to your emails, ads, landing pages, etc. And gain an instant competitive advantage.

Advertising in Emerging Culture: Forget What You Think You Know

Sunil Yadav, Director of Agency Development, Twitch

We are at a tipping point in marketing, one driven by Gen Z and the influence they have over culture. This generation is moving away from the individualised social amplification of social media to a more community-centric, connected, decentralised experience found originally in gaming environments. As the largest generation to date steps into their role as trendsetters leading social and cultural change, with more economic power than ever before, brands need to understand their influence or risk being left behind. In this session we introduce a new Generation – Generation Twitch, an audience spanning Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who are all under the influence of the emerging social codes. We reveal what matters to these meme masters, their values and social behaviours, how they communicate and their expectations of brands.

The New Rules of Social Media

Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead, Atlassian

Imagine you’re at a party and find yourself in a seemingly endless conversation with someone who only wants to talk about themselves… Can you feel yourself tune out as you desperately eyeball the nearest escape route? Unfortunately, your one-sided conversation with that chatty party-goer is the embodiment of way too many brands’ social media strategies. So what to do instead? Become the company who makes people feel smart & cool and introduces them to the other smart, cool people at the online party. In this session, explore the new rules of social media and how your business can use it to build authentic long-term relationships with your audience.

Calibrating Our Perspective on Segmentation

Dr. Marcus Collins, Head of Strategy, Wieden + Kennedy

Today’s connected world provides marketers unprecedented access to consumer data. We can track what people like, where they go, what they share, what they buy, and so on. The reams of passive information that people shed on a daily basis allow for more targeted messaging and measurement. However, while this intelligence has made marketers more confident, it has not made them more accurate in their efforts. This deficiency is not due to a lack of available data, rather, it is born from a lack of truly understanding people. This talk uncovers a new and more accurate approach to segmentation so that we might improve our marketing accuracy, extract the true potential of data, and, ultimately, get closer to predictive modeling.

Beyond the Button: Tests That Actually Move The Needle

Karen Hopper, Associate Director, Performance Strategy, Razorfish

In a world that has a million different options for every creative element, CTA, form fields, and more… where do you even start? How do you know that element is where you’ll see an impact big enough to make a difference for your bottom line? This is the #1 question I get as a CRO strategist, and my answer every time is: it depends! This session will walk you through how to understand your testing opportunities, generate test ideas, and measure your results with scientific accuracy.

How to Create an SEO-Optimized Content Library for Your Brand and Repurpose It for Content Marketing

Neal Schaffer, President, PDCA Social

Content is the currency of digital marketing, but many companies fail with their content marketing because they base content production around their products and services. This session will look at how to create a truly authoritative library of content for your brand that is optimized for search engine optimization to generate more traffic, leads, and conversions for your company. Through repurposing this content, this same library of content can be leveraged across Web, Email, and Social as well as lead generation assets. If you have had doubts as to the nuts and bolts of content marketing and how it relates to SEO as well as other aspects of digital and social media marketing, this session is for you.

The Rise of Ad Supported Streaming TV: Why Free is a Great Price Marketers will Love

Laura Chaibi, Director of Ad Marketing and Insights – International, Roku

The TV landscape continues to evolve with more options that ever before. Consumers are streaming programs they love at affordable prices and ad supported video on demand is a growing opportunity for marketers. Learn how the landscape is changing and with it, the great opportunities marketers have to reach consumers and audiences; where the best of digital comes together with the best of TV on the #1 streaming platform Roku.

Lead Generation Best Practices (learned from 500+ website redesigns)

Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer, Orbit Media Studios

Click! You have a new visitor. What happens next? Do they barf and bounce or smile and stay? The answer depends on a lot of little things, some obvious, some not. This session is a breakdown of the best practices for B2B lead generation websites, based on hundreds of website projects. From social proof to CTAs, videos to chatbots, we will break down the options for UX elements and how they work with (or against) the psychology of your visitors.

How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Activities from Third-Party Cookie

Samantha Kermode, VP Strategic Development, Investis Digital

Marketers have been eating up cookies like the famous Sesame Street character. Num! Num! Num! But be warned, the cookie famine is on the horizon! The public increasingly values privacy over personalization. Laws are being enacted to protect consumer privacy and companies like Apple and Google are jumping on board. How will digital marketers stay fed with data and continue to drive conversion? With less attribution data and an impending recession in the spotlight, how will you keep marketing budgets from shrinking?

Blockchain and the Future of Marketing: The Peril and Promise of a Web3 World

Clayton Smith, Associate Professor of Instruction, Columbia College Chicago

Blockchain is about so much more than NFTs and cryptocurrency; it’s a revolutionary new way of producing and distributing branded content. Decentralized creativity means immersive new methods of storytelling, exciting new fan engagement tactics, the revolutionary introduction of smart contracts, and new monetization strategies that will hold higher royalty shares, new revenue streams, and unique fundraising possibilities for creatives. But it’s also a brand new frontier that sparks a lot of questions and confusion. Whether you’re brand new to blockchain, or you’re knee-deep in the Web3 world, come explore the answers to your questions about the future of creation and distribution in this exciting, imaginative, and accessible session on the burgeoning new world of blockchain.

Digital Marketing Trends: Experts Insights on How to Gain a Competitive Edge

Jodi Rich, Enterprise – Marketing Cloud Manager, SalesForce

The digital marketing industry is changing faster than ever and those who don’t adapt with the times are losing market share. Where should marketers be focusing their efforts? What strategies are the experts seeing get the best results? Get up-to-speed with the latest industry insights, trends and predictions for the future in this panel discussion with some leading digital marketing experts.

The Final Traffic Acquisition Battle

Fernando Angulo, Senior Market Research Manager, Semrush

This presentation will provide an overview of key mobile and desktop traffic trends across the globe. With our findings, I’ll explore the driving forces behind the mobile traffic dynamics over the last couple of years. I will dissect: Overall traffic patterns across the mobile web, which involves benchmarking them against desktop. Trends like growth or decline of mobile & desktop traffic and country-by-country specifics to industry-level analysis and The status of mobile penetration today and where it’s going tomorrow.

How to Recession Proof Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Nichole Kelly, VP Marketing, Windward

What are marketing leaders doing to shore up their marketing strategies as we are likely headed into a recession? Nichole Kelly interiewed marketing and agency leaders to find out. She will share the strategies she’s deploying at her company and what other thought leaders like yourselves are doing to make sure they are prepared for the shift. There is no question that marketing is changing and technology will be at the forefront. The question is which strategy will work and how do you make sure you are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities a down market offers.

Better UX, Happier Customer: How to Design for Engagement in Digital Marketing

Seann Lautner, Senior UX Strategist, Air New Zealand

You will learn: Why UX has become an influential factor in digital marketing. How digital users behave in digital channels. Discover two important loops in digital marketing funnel to engage customers. Creating simple customer journey map and MoT (Moment of Truth) to engage customers.

How to Create a Powerful Social Media Strategy That Gets Results

Jennifer Watson, Social Media Expert, ActiveCampaign

Want to be a social media pro? Learn tips, tricks and more on how to dominate your social media strategy in 2023 and beyond! I’ll break down the best way to grow your community, utilize micro-influencers, hacks the pros use and why you should be doing live video. You’ll discover the best way to tell your story and connect with consumers by creating a unique and immersive experience, that increases engagement and builds brand loyalty. Along with that you’ll learn how to build a live video strategy from scratch, the tips and tricks of live video production from professionals and real-world examples of what really gets views. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, you will leave with a better understanding of social media best practices, fresh ideas and a new strategy to implement immediately!

The State of the Creator Economy

Ryan Schram, President, IZEA

A deep dive on the latest insights from the world of Influencer and Content Marketing. The `State of the Creator Economy’ research initiative provides an in-depth view of how the maturation of social media and other industry-relevant changes have affected consumers, marketers and creators. This marks the tenth year of the study, which aims to provide ongoing measurement of and credible knowledge of how influencer marketing and content marketing are both perceived and used. In his session, Ryan will share findings that will help attendees to better understand these fast-shifting trends in marketing strategies, consumer behaviours, and creator habits around the Creator Economy and provide actionable insights on how to shape your brand’s approach to maximize outcomes.


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Building relationships matter! At DigiMarCon Conferences we have more networking breaks on our program than others. On average there are 8 Networking breaks at each event giving delegates ample opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere to meet others over the 2-days at the event; from 1-hour round table networking luncheons to 3-hour dinner receptions. These networking breaks are set in picturesque locations to facilitate memorable experiences while fostering new relationships. Such experiences include enjoying cocktails and the Sunset over the Pacific Ocean on a private Ocean Terrace in Santa Monica, to being on the Sydney Olympic Stadium playing arena at night enjoying cocktails under the lights, to dining at the 360 Revolving Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto for a Dinner Reception, enjoying cocktails on a private promenade overlooking Times Square in New York City, or having fun at the Dazzles Night Club onboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas for a Farewell Party, etc.

Industry Thought Leaders from Leading Brands

DigiMarCon Keynotes, Panels and Master Classes are facilitated by the foremost thought leaders in the industry, from celebrity social media influencers to CMO’s from the largest Fortune 500 company brands that are disrupting the digital marketing industry, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Adobe, eBay, Netflix and more. All presentations are pitch-free, and include actionable takeaways, case studies, strategies and tactics, ready to be applied when back in the office.

Premium Comfortable Meeting Spaces

At DigiMarCon Conferences you are never ‘left in the dark’…. literally, in a large room far away from the stage and speakers, crushed in tight theater seating, without even a desk, while sitting in the dark. At DigiMarCon all delegates have premium meeting space in luxurious ballroom well-lit spaces, with comfortable seating with desk enabling delegates to use their laptop to take notes with ample charging facilities onsite in a comfortable space to learn and thrive. All tables are situated close with direct view of the stage.

Value for Money & Generous Discounts

DigiMarCon Conferences are affordable to attend, from single-day event passes up to two-day VIP options at a fraction of the cost of other industry events. We offer significant discounts for early bird registrations. Additionally, on top of time-limited discount pass rates, because budgets are tight, we want to make sure all groups have a chance to attend DigiMarCon. For government employees, students, academic, startups, non-profit organizations and teams, we offer generous discounts off the prevailing registration price.

Collaborative Learning & Audience Participation

Attend DigiMarCon and you become part of the show! DigiMarCon Conferences tap into the talent of the room, drawing from the knowledge and experience of the professionals in the audience. All DigiMarCon events include regular interactive question and answer sessions with speakers and the audience ideal for collaboration, audience polls, along with ice-breaker and group exercises, steered by charismatic Emcees.

Meet the Speakers in Person

DigiMarCon Conferences put you right up and close with the speakers giving you the opportunity to meet these social media influencers which you follow in person. Speakers are never hidden in private speaker rooms away from the audience, they are in the auditorium sitting right beside you and participating.

Exceptional Customer Service

Attending a conference is a well-researched decision. There are many factors to consider such as location, time, venue, cost, speakers, content, etc. At DigiMarCon our results-obsessed Customer Service team are at your service before, during and after the event to help with your needs. It’s at the core of what we do — it drives our business. Offsite, we are ready to assist you via phone, ticket or chat. Onsite at our Conferences, friendly DigiMarCon staff serve as your hosts. They welcome your input and are happy to assist you.

TECHSPO Technology Expo

At all DigiMarCon Conferences is the co-located exclusive event TECHSPO Technology Expo, which showcases the new generation of technology and innovation, including; AdTech, MarTech, Internet, Mobile and SaaS technologies. Be inspired, amazed and educated on how these evolving technologies will impact your business for the better. Access to TECHSPO Technology Expo is included with all DigiMarCon passes.

On Demand Library Access

DigiMarCon All Access & VIP Passes include a 12-month on demand access to hundreds of hours of DigiMarCon speaker keynotes, panels and master class presentations from recent DigiMarCon Conferences, including videos, slide decks and key takeaways, available on demand so you can watch what you want, when you want.

The Largest Digital Marketing Community

Attendees of DigiMarcon Conferences gain membership to an exclusive global Digital Marketing Community of over 500,000 worldwide subscribers to our award-winning digital marketing blog and over 70,000 members to our Digital Marketing Professionals Group in LinkedIn (visit This global community comprises of innovators, senior marketers and branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives and professionals, web & mobile strategists, designers and web project managers, business leaders, business developers, agency executives and their teams and anyone else who operates in the digital community who leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing. We provide updates to the latest whitepapers and industry reports to keep you updated on trends, innovation and best practice digital marketing.

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